The Cambridge Young Learners Tests (YLE) are not traditional grammar tests. They are tests of real language skills including speaking. Language use is tested in meaningful and realistic ways, using materials especially suited to children aged between 7 and 12. The tests have a positive impact on children’s language learning as they experience real communication in a foreign language. They enjoy taking them.

What are the YLE Tests?:
The YLE tests are produced by the University of Cambridge English for Speakers of Other Languages (Cambridge ESOL), the UK’s largest overseas examining board. There are three levels: Starters (Level 1), Movers (Level 2) and Flyers (Level 3). Each level consists of three components: Reading & Writing, Listening, and Speaking. Speaking is tested through a one-to-one interview with a trained assessor who is a qualified and experienced teacher of English with native speaker standard English.

Open test sessions are available for individual candidates above the age of 6.

Which YLE test should my child take?:
The following guidelines are for reference only. Children who have had a lot of exposure to English may be able to take a test of a higher level at a younger age than indicated.

STARTERS – for children from the age of 6, usually P1 - P2

MOVERS – for children between 8 and 11, usually P3 - P4

FLYERS – for children between 9 and 12, usually P5 - P6

When are the results available?:
The completed question papers are returned to Cambridge for marking. There is no pass or fail. Every candidate who attempts all three components will receive an award indicating the quality of their performance. Children receive their awards about one month after the test.

Lesson Planning:
In class: This course is taught systematically and sequentially. It reviews those topics which will be included in the test such as English reading, writing, grammar, comprehension, listening and speaking. Exam-taking skills will also be taught in order for students to enhance their performance in the exam.

Quizzes and Dictations: In order to ensure the students are capable of applying their knowledge, students will have small quizzes or dictations in every class.

Examination: There will be two mock examinations throughout the course.


Level (適讀年齡) P.1 – P.6 (小一至小六)

Duration (課程時間) 60 Minutes (60分鐘)

Fee (費用) $600/ 4 lessons ($600/4堂)